What a great book. I would describe this as an eclectic compendium addressing how to help your kids, students (if you teach) and yourself to succeed in school and life.  The book may be used as a reference to kickstart your child in numerous areas to improve performance, such as logic for taking multiple choice tests. Holistically it also addresses communication and other areas that may serve as barriers to effective learning. Where was this book when I was a student! My mother who was a master teacher would have made me read it no doubt.  Parents .....use this as a guide as you proactively "coach" your kids in many areas.  Getting a "child" to read it will be the challenge.  Teachers.....use this as a teaching plan for mini side lessons in "being the best student".  The book addresses soooo many modern challenges....bullying, too much gaming etc. etc. that will help your awareness as you strive for best parenting practices.  I can't recommend this book strongly enough!!

John Taylor                                                                                                                                        Historian, Naval Academy Graduate, Jet Pilot, Manager for Lockheed Martin


The best self-help book for students - Well organized and thoughtfully presented. I use this book as a reference in the university classes I teach and for Junior ROTC students.  

Robert McKennett


This is a great reference for parents, students, teachers, grandparents, anyone. The book provides great study strategies as well as suggestions for all kinds of stress that all experience...it’s called life. The manner in which the book is written is like a face to face conversation, no judgment just information. Great book, not one I would read right through but one I would go to, to address individual circumstances and needs.

Kristin Kassner                                                                                                                                                                         Special Education Teacher