Many students ask: "How can I better remember what is presented in class?"

To help increase attention and promote retention, do these:

If possible, sit near the front of the class.

Helps to stay focused, hear the teacher, and see what is placed on the whiteboard.

Avoid distracting classmates.

Some classmates are more interested in clowning around, showing off, or interacting with others. Ignore them!

Actively participate.

Active participation helps with understanding, shows interest and helps with retention.

Listen with a purpose

Be like a detective. That is, have questions in mind, then listen for answers. Write down key terms that Identify the main topic then write down the most important pieces of information that answers the question. Focus on the "who, what, why, how, when and where".

       Pay especially close to the beginning and close of lectures.

Main points are usually made at the beginning of a lecture. That is, the instructor will tell the class what he/she will talk about. This helps provide for the student the "purpose". At the conclusion of the lecture, the instructor will summarize. This highlights key points and will usually be a clue to what will be on quizzes and exams.