Essential Keys to Honors

Develop effective communication skills! Talk, listen, hear! This is key to academic and life success. Many failures are caused by ineffective communication. To truly communicate in an effective manner can often be a challenge. 

Set goals. To help ensure that are achieved, goals must be achievable, have a date/time established for completion and written (serves as a reminder).

Good notes are essential for good grades.  Notes must be brief, sensible, legible, and effective. 

Students have to read allot. But it need not be a chore and can be made simpler and effective. Read with a purpose, to understand, and use efficient (and easy) strategies.

Students must write. Know your topic, write a robust theses, describe who, what why, when, and where. Grammatically correct and spell checked.  

Students must recall facts, figures, names, places, concepts. Doing so need not be complicated or scary. Use simple memorization techniques such as linking/association, visualization, repetition, chunking, rhymes/songs, mind mapping.

Students must know how to study smarter.  "Smarter" does not mean "harder". Use dynamic study techniques. Examples are: understanding, mental preparation, study in chunks, reinforce, certain type of music and (believe it or not) nature. Know and use the subconscious to enhance recall. 

Students must take quizzes and exams. Know and use smart strategies for taking quizzes and exams. (Chapter 17.  Ask for a free copy of the Chapter)

Extra credit and class attendance. Not an option, rather essential.  (Chapter 18. Ask for a free copy of the Chapter).

            The extra edge.  Other keys to top grades include:                                     Knowing your teacher or professor.  Why? 

Increase attention & promote retention.How?

Pre and post-class review. Why?

Many Tips are provided in this website and on the social media links provided below. 

Have questions, or want more guidance? Go to the Blog on this web site and just ask. I will do my best to get back to you soon.