Essential life skills are crucial for success in academics, relationships, personal growth, managing stress, maintaining family harmony, and fostering leadership skills. Discover powerful tips and strategies to enhance these skills and achieve success in all areas of life. 

The principles presented in the book Student Success with Less Stress (many shared in this website, also linked YouTube and Facebook) provide students with powerful tools to help meet the challenges they face today. It also gives parents potent suggestions on how they can support their children to be successful academically and socially—with less stress! Please be advised. Many young people will not read anything longer than a text message, so parents and guardians can help lead their kiddos by reading the tips, then share (in bits and pieces). Several video clips are imbedded that may help get their attention. 

Being “educated” is more than academics. Educated students have learned success principles not taught in the typical classroom. Educated students are less prone to stress, and generally happier. The book will show youth how to be truly “educated.” Some of the “tips” in Student Success with Less Stress include:

  • Proven motivational and success principles

  • Dynamic study strategies

  • Mega-learning: What schools do not teach

  • Memorizing made easy

  • Classroom strategies for the extra edge

  • Reducing stress and anxiety

  • Overcoming roadblocks to achievement

  • How to be a great leader

  • How parents can support and respond

  • Learning differences and how to access special education programs

  • Post high school options.

  • Maneuvering the college search and application process

  • Paying for college